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Test ogólny z języka angielskiego

Sprawdź swoje umiejętności. Test składa się z 30 pytań i odpowiada zakresowi nauczania na poziomie A1/A2. Nie ma limitu czasowego. Wyniki zobaczysz na końcu testu.

Wybierz najlepiej pasującą opcję, która uzupełni zdanie lub rozmowę.

After all, she drank all Coke herself. for it now?

doesn't she need pay

shouldn't she to pay

must she not to pay

oughtn't she to pay

Would you mind this book to me when you finish reading it?

to lend


about lending

of lending

I wish I this car. Unfortunately I did.

didn't buy

wouldn't buy

hadn't bought


John will arrive at the office at 9 a.m. Tell him about your project as soon as you him.



will see

will have seen

You have helped him with homework so many times, that you this again. But it will be nice if you do.

mustn't do

needn't do

oughtn't do

shouldn't do

When I last saw them at the party I was quite sure they more than once before.

have been meeting

must meet

have met

had met

Our company very successful since John became the head of the marketing department.


had been

has been

is being

It was stupid of you to drive a car without a license. You by Police.

might have been arrested

might be arrested

could be arrested

might have arrested

Maybe they are not bad workers, but they were fired because they their duties for a long time.

have neglected

had been neglecting

have been neglecting

could neglect

She the ring so strongly, that I worried she might break it.

was holding



has held

Tom is not a good mechanic. He fix our old car.


is not capable to

is not able to


I Maryl Streep's latest movie, but I won't be in town at its premiere.

like to see

would like seeing

like seeing

would like to see

She is 15 and still goes to school. She get up early on weekends.

mustn't to

doesn't have to

doesn't need

needn't to

I cut the grass, but it started raining.

was going to


have gone to

was planning

I look forward you again next summer.

to seeing

to meet

to see

to be seeing

I prefer Mary's cooking John's, but he's still very talented.





He to this resort once a year. Now he's dead.

was coming

has been coming


used to come

These pictures by any famous artist. They come from local kindergarten.

haven't been painted

aren't painted

couldn't have been painted

are being painted

By the time I came there, all better jobs .

were taken

had been taken

would have been taken

was being taken

If he comes before you to aunt Helen, don't tell him anything.

will talk


will be talking

will have talked

If she a rich woman, she could travel all over the world. But she's not.


has been



There no candies at home now. I'll have to go to a store and buy some.



have been


In this photograph I Ann to dance.


was teaching

am teaching


I remember the eclipse of the moon 4 years ago.

to watch

to have watched

of watching


The whole operation was a failure. When the police enetered the house the burglars away.

were already gone

were already going

have already gone

had already gone

I have nothing against your friends, but I'd rather you them to our house again.

don't invite

won't invite

didn't invite

not invite

There's plenty of smoke in the room. Would you mind anymore?

not smoking


not to smoke

no smoke

Lucy here by the end of the week. But I don't know, if she will.

will stay

is to stay

is staying


He swims crawl better than anyone else at school. I know he about next year's champtionship.


will think

is thinking

is going to think

She a hot shower, when suddenly the phone started ringing.


had been taking

was taking

have been taking

Test ogólny z języka angielskiego